Dimmable Driver LIFUD 0-10V for 40W LED panel - D01040W

Power (W):
Producer: NEDES
Warranty: 60 months
Code: D01040W
EAN: 8585040917324
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26.90 pcs
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The dimmable LIFUD 0-10V driver is suitable for all 40W LED panels (from our offer with a setting of 1000mAh 1.ON / 2.OFF).

Its compatibility ensures simple and effective brightness regulation according to your needs.

High-quality construction guarantees long lifespan / up to 60 months and reliability.

With this dimmable driver, you will achieve optimal lighting level and create a pleasant environment in your spaces.

Our luminaires and other products are popular worldwide.

power 40W
use for PL121, PL121H, PL121H/U, PL5024, PL5024U, PL5224, PL5224U, PL5524, PL5524U, PL7224, PL7224U
dimmable yes