Filament white

LED filaments white brand NEDES are economical design and state-of-the-art light bulbs with low consumption and high luminosity. The LEDs used do not have a "dimming" effect, they shine with a clear line in a neutral or warm white color. The LEDs used are white filaments with a classic spiral shape - in clear colored glass, which creates a very pleasant visual effect, suitable for completing the atmosphere in the room. The lifespan of white filaments reaches 30,000 hours, making them an excellent choice for ecological interior lighting. They can be used in all types of households, but also in commercial spaces. Our products ensure a safe and trouble-free installation in traditional lamps, where ordinary light bulbs were previously used. Thanks to their low energy consumption, these lights are popular all over the world.

Angle of light
Glass color
Light color
Luminous flux (Lm)
Power (W)
Voltage (V)