LED Filament SHAPE 4W BRAUN - A60 / E27 / 1800K - ZSF107

Producer: NEDES
Warranty: 36 months
Code: ZSF107
EAN: 8585040912916
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LED Filament Shape BRAUN of the NEDES brand is an energy-saving light bulb with a consumption of 4W, luminosity of 100Lm, with an E27 base.

- shines with a clear line in extra warm white color

- the LEDs used are filaments with a special shape - Filament with soft brown glass "BRAUN", which creates a very pleasant visual effect, suitable for completing the atmosphere in the room

- our product has a state-of-the-art design that ensures safe and trouble-free installation in traditional light fixtures where conventional light bulbs were previously used

consumption 4W
luminous flux 100Lm
pentad E27
chromaticity (light color) 1800K - warm white
angle of light 320°
dimension (mm) Ø60 x 105
voltage AC220 - 240V
lifespan 30 000h
swiching cycle 20 000 x
weight netto (g) 27
dimming no
material glass
packing 1/50
LED´s aren´t possible to change